Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This past Saturday evening a bunch of us from the Camp went to watch two parades originate in a parking lot near a large shopping center. It was neat to see all the colorful floats at night. Then Sunday afternoon we went back to the same area and watched two more parades commence, one @ 315pm and the other @ 430pm. These parades were very special because they not only had great floats, but featured many bands from Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges in the area. From start to finish these parades last 5 hours !!! Our feet got tired just standing around collecting beads and various other "throws". A great experience !
A very satisified BEGGER ! She has a BIG bag full plus these !
One of the many special groups participating in this parade
Our LFC friends Lyle & Jane from Central Illinois
One of many many floats in an area that had water to 2nd floor
Karen got a story from this woman
The method of obtaining beads BEG BEG BEG and nothing else

Friday, February 2, 2007

Last evening we received a special call from San Diago CA. Greg informed us that we will have a 14th grandchild come into this crazy world on or about the midpoint of July '07.

Greg gets out of the Navy around the time of the expected birth and they are going to practice medicine in the state of Washington in a town called Wenatchee. Sounded like he will put their home on the market soon, move Louise, Luke & Grace up there and get them settled before the baby comes. He will join them when he is out of the service.

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Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice weather day here in New Orleans so many of us are going to be led on a tour of the big state park about 2 hours drive south of us. Our leaders are long time residents of Baton Rouge Louisana, and members of our group as well. Just recently they took over the cooking job of the dinner meal until a new cook can be hired. They prepare many local dishes for us and they are super. Some of the dishes prepared we have never had the likes of and we will certainly bring recipes back with us ! Best of all, tomorrow will be the 2nd day we do not hear an alarm @ 0445 ! I have a conference call @ 0845 and then we will depart right after.


H A P P Y S U P E R B O W L X L I E V E R B O D Y ! ! !

Monday, January 29, 2007

The grandsons in Wales WI purchased this crazy hat for Grandma to wear to her next REDHAT event when she returns to St Louis.
I love it ! My friends will all want one for themselves ! It's really neat !

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Alter view of Trinity Lutheran Church in the lower 9th. Hole on the right was created when the organ went through the window.
Lower level area of Trinity under choir loft.
The remains of the organ and all other items that floated for days.
IF this home will be restored it will undergo considerable rework.
View of the home next to Trinity from the 2nd floor of the church.
Typical view of personal belongings that we remove in a procedure called Mucking. Then we treat the building for Mold.